McKinney TX Bonnie Wenk Park Dog Park

Bonnie Wenk Park Dog Park is a great place for your dog to run, play with other dogs, and get lots of exercises. It is located in McKinney TX which is an hour northeast of Dallas.

Bonnie Wenk Park Dog Park has two fenced areas, both are 1 acre each. One area has large trees while the other area has no trees. Dogs can use the restroom facility to go to the bathroom since it is very difficult for dogs to hold their urge to go to the bathroom for a long period of time.

A channel that separates the two fenced areas allows dogs to run off-leash without worrying about too many dogs running around at once and possibly getting into a fight.

The park also has benches for owners to sit on while watching their dogs play with other dogs. There is an area where you can get water from a hose for your dog to drink.

Trees are abundant, so if it’s hot outside shade is not an issue. Owners can bring picnic items and have lunch with their dogs in the fenced-off area. There is a limited amount of picnic tables and areas to sit and relax, but for the most part, you’ll be sitting on the ground.

The park opens at 8:30 AM every day and closes 30 minutes after sunset. Dogs must be on a leash when entering or exiting the facility or when outside of one of the fenced areas. Owners must clean up after their dogs and carry extra bags with them if they need more to clean up after their dog.

There is a parking lot for visitors to the park, but be aware that it fills up quickly during peak hours. Parking on the side of the road is not allowed, so please plan ahead and be patient.

If you are looking for a place to take your dog and allow them to socialize with other dogs, this is the perfect place for you. Come visit the Bonnie Wenk Park Dog Park located in McKinney TX!